Sunday, February 18, 2018

Check Out New Releases From Columbia Records Artists The Shins And MGMT

In March of 2017, The Shins released their fifth studio album titled "Heartworms," which cracked the top 20 on the U.S. album chart. Now, The Shins have done something a little unorthodox and reworked the entire "Heartworms" album into a totally new release titled "The Worm's Heart."

The new 11-song release begins with "The Fear," which originally closed the "Heartworms" album. The band has kept the lyrics the same for all of the songs, but supported them with a totally different energy that the music supports. They deliver a nostalgic eighties sound to "So What Now" and place a reggae vibe on "Half A Million," showcasing the band's talent for creating a number of different moods with their sound. The gentle, simplified feel of "Rubber Ballz" and the sonic blast of "Mildenhall" displays the wide variety of their music, before closing with the rolling rhythm of "Name For You," which kicked off the "Heartworms" album with a totally different tone to the song. To find out more about The Shins and their latest release "The Worm's Heart," please visit

American rock band MGMT recently released their 4th studio album since forming at Wesleyan University in 2002. The new album titled "Little Dark Age" was released on February 9th and is the band's first new release in five years. The new 10-song album begins with the eighties, pop-rock tone of "She Works Out Too Much" and the synthesizer-friendly "Little Dark Age." The addictive melody of "When You Die" gives the dark subject of death a lighter tone. MGMT experiment with the lyrical delivery of "James," before they return to their former selves to finish their new album with the nostalgic feel of "One Thing Left To Try" and the enticing melody of "Hand It Over." MGMT are beginning their U.S. tour in March. For a complete list of dates and to find out more about their new album "Little Dark Age," please visit

Saturday, February 17, 2018

Previously Unreleased Studio Songs Fill Up The New Jimi Hendrix Release "Both Sides Of The Sky"

Since the passing of the legendary Jimi Hendrix, compilations of his work has plastered the marketplace. Each one trying to re-create what would have been his next move. Hundreds of different studio outtakes have existed and without the man, himself here to guide us, producers have done their best to put the pieces of the puzzle together in order to imagine what would have came next.

The latest attempt titled "Both Sides Of The Sky," completes a trilogy of releases ("Valleys Of Neptune" and "People, Hell And Angels") that have pretty much took the best of the remaining studio songs that Jimi Hendrix recorded between 1968 to 1970. This new release is one of the closest that the Experience Hendrix/Sony Legacy label have come to putting together an attempt as to what Jimi Hendrix may have released on his next album.

Many of the songs on "Both Sides Of The Sky" are soaked in the blues, even beginning the new release with the Muddy Waters' classic "Mannish Boy." Hendrix's 1970 live album "Band Of Gypsys" laid the groundwork to many of the songs that appear on this release. Studio versions of "Stepping Stone," "Lover Man" and "Power Of Soul" sound as complete as they would ever get, as drummer Buddy Miles and bassist Billy Cox continued their work after those legendary live shows. The real nice surprises are the previously unreleased recordings of Jimi Hendrix as a sideman to great Johnny Winter ("Things I Used To Do"), Stephen Stills ("$20 Fine," "Woodstock") and Lonnie Youngblood ("Georgia Blues").

The music certainly captures the era and showcases Hendrix's love for experimenting in the studio, as a couple of the instrumental pieces on this release ("Sweet Angel" and "Cherokee Mist") feature Hendrix trying his hand at playing the sitar or the vibrophone. One of the later recordings on this release is "Send My Love To Linda," which gives a guiding sound as to the direction Hendrix may have been planning on for his next studio album. We may never know, but on March 9th, you will have your own chance to make your decision on this release when "Both Sides Of The Sky" is released on CD, vinyl and digital formats. To find out more about the great, exciting new release, please visit

Friday, February 16, 2018

New Music From Indie-Artists The Good Morning Nags, Reina Mora, The Pale Monsters And Ezra Vancil

From New York City comes the debut album from the bluegrass/country band The Good Morning Nags. Their new seven-song EP begins with the quick strumming of "Sugar Baby" which showcases this band's love for the old-fashion, Appalachian-bluegrass sound. The banjo picking of "Blackberry Bush" and the gentle acoustics of "Love Like No Other" make you want to sit on the front porch swing, enjoying the summer breeze listening to this exceptional roots music. The Good Morning Nags finish up their new album with the sing-along of "I Wish My Baby Was Born" and the up-tempo swing of "Good Morning Girl." To find out more about The Good Morning Nags and their latest self-titled release, please visit

Los Angeles-based singer/songwriter Reina Mora is preparing to release her debut solo album titled "Birds Eye View" later this year. She is starting to get her music out their with the release of her lead-single, "Trouble." It has an alternative, pop/rock appeal with a little Latin-flair to pay homage to her Puerto Rican heritage. The music is exciting and will leave you wanting more from this rising new artist. To find out more about Reina Mora and her new release, please visit

Next, from Boston, MA comes the latest release from The Pale Monsters. Their popularity continues to grow with each new release and their latest single "All This Time We Wait" has a rocking, up-tempo feel, as you find yourself singing along to the chorus after only a couple listens. To find out more about The Pale Monsters and their latest release, please visit

Arriving in late March is the new album from independent singer/songwriter Ezra Vancil. The new 11-song release titled "You" showcases Vancil's knack for writing heart-warming gems that will turn you into an instant fan. The vibe of "Complicated Man" feels as if it blends together a seventies folk-style with modern storytelling lyrics to melt away your troubles. He sets the mood with only his voice and an acoustic guitar on the country tone of "Wild Girl," before involving the whole band on "Settle Down Good" as you are drawn in by his lyrics and his charm. To find out more about Ezra Vancil and his latest release "You," please visit

Thursday, February 15, 2018

New Music From Local Connecticut Artists Prester John, Jonathan Siksay And The Buttondowns

Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Go Back To The Beginning With Nina Simone's "Complete Bethlehem Singles" Collection

American recording artist Nina Simone will become one of the newest members of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, when the class of 2018 gets inducted this spring. To celebrate that accomplishment and to mark the 60th anniversary of her first recordings, BMG/Bethlehem Records has compiled a brand new 14-track release titled "Mood Indigo: The Complete Bethlehem Singles." All the tracks on this new release have been remastered as you can hear the fresh, young vocals of Nina Simone as she takes her first steps to stardom.

The new compilation begins with her first single "I Loves You, Porgy," the George and Ira Gershwin classic. With just a few simple notes on the piano, Simone makes this song her own with her warm, tender, emotional vocals. This is followed by the up-tempo, B-side "Love Me or Leave Me" and the slow waltz of Rodgers & Hart's "Little Girl Blue." Simone will get your heart pumping with the swinging rhythm of her classic cover of "Mood Indigo" and then showcases her skills on the piano with the smooth jazz appeal of "Good Bait," before closing the new release with an alternative take of "He's Got The Whole World In His Hands" and Nina Simone's final single release for Bethlehem Records, "My Baby Just Cares For Me." To find out more about the new compilation "Mood Indigo: The Complete Bethlehem Singles" from Nina Simone, please visit

Tuesday, February 13, 2018

New Heavy Metal/Punk Music Arriving From Deliverance, Crowned Kings And Second Youth

Christian thrash metal band, Deliverance return with their brand new studio album "The Subversive Kind." It is the band's first new album in five years and only their second release through Roxx Records. The new 8-song release explodes with the intensity of the opening track "Bring'em Down" as chugging guitars and thunderous drums fill your ears. Their thrash metal sound is felt in the quick-hitting "Concept Of The Other" and "The Black Hand," before slowing the tempo down slightly for the classic metal appeal of "Epilogue." Deliverance wrap up their new album with the high-powered attack of "The Subversive Kind" and the bashing rhythm of "The Fold." To find out more about Deliverance and their latest release "The Subversive Kind," please visit their Facebook page at

From Australia comes the sophomore release from the hardcore metal band Crowned Kings. After the release of their debut album "Forked Road," the band jumped on the Sick Of It All 30th Anniversary tour and then took that experience to the studio to create their new album, "Sea Of Misery." The 13-song, hard-hitting assault begins with the frenzied guitars and pounding rhythm of the title-song "Sea Of Misery." The intensity continues with the sonic blast of "Cold Like You" and the screams of "Reign Supreme." Crowned Kings are "all-in" on this album as they deliver a continuous attack with the high-powered vibe of "Dominance & Control" and "Winters War." They wrap up their new release with the hardcore intensity of "Grind My Teeth" and the explosive build up of "The Suffering." To find out more about Crowned Kings and their latest release "Sea Of Misery," please visit their Facebook page at

English punk band Second Youth are preparing to release their new album titled "Dear Road" on March 9th. It features 10 tracks, 30 minutes of high-energy, in your face music that will get the blood pumping. Their new release begins with the quick-pace of "Friday" and the more hectic attack of "This City" as Second Youth delivery that classic nineties punk sound. The simply lyrics of "Suzanne" will have you singing-along, while "Homeward Bounce" is a rally cry for being homesick. Second Youth finish up their new album with the swift blast of "Close" and their homage to being on tour with "Dear Road." To find out more about Second Youth and their latest release "Dear Road," please visit their Facebook page at

Monday, February 12, 2018

New Music Imports Arriving From Dominique Vantomme, Slivovitz And Dusan Jevtovic

Sunday, February 11, 2018

Legendary Artists Merrell Fankhauser And The Vibrators Release New Albums

Surf guitarist Merrell Fankhauser brings the energy of his long-running television show "Tiki Lounge" to CD with "Tiki Lounge Live." Fankhauser first gained fame as a member of the surf rock group The Impacts, who had a hit with the song "Wipe Out." For the last two decades, Merrell Fankhauser has produced the much loved variety show "Tiki Lounge" and this is the first soundtrack from the show. The new 12-song disc begins with Merrell bringing back some of that sixties surf rock magic with "Fair Winds Blowin," as he is also joined on this album by friends and fellow musicians like The Brymers ("Love Of Rock N Roll") and Lindsey Ikeno ("My Ipo"). Merrell fills up the majority of this soundtrack with his originals like the love song for "Sweet Janeita" and the laid back vibe of "Feelin OK." His friend Big John brings out the "Rockin Country," before the album closes with Merrell's theme for the "Tiki Lounge" show. To find out more about Merrell Fankhauser and his new release "Tiki Lounge Live," please visit

The legendary UK punk band The Vibrators are entering their fifth decade of existence by looking back at their history with a new album titled "Past, Present And Into The Future." The new album features contributions by founding members Knox, John "Eddie" Edwards and John Ellis, as well as current band members Pete Honkamaki and Darrell Bath. It kicks off with the grunge appeal of "Loose Change" and the high-powered energy of "Rock 'N' Roll Rescue." The Vibrators showcase more of their classic, iconic sound with "Dark Star" and "Dirty Games" as this new release is a perfectly place to start if you a newcomer to the band. The simplicity of their music will easily get lodged into you head with songs like "Wild Cheetah" and "Hands Of Mercy," while the rockabilly swing of "Wrapped Cat" showcases another side to this band's amazing legacy. To find out more about The Vibrators and their latest release "Past, Present And Into The Future," please visit their Facebook page at

Saturday, February 10, 2018

New Music From Genre Defining Artists Gong Expresso And Eva O

From Canada comes the latest release from the progressive rock/jazz fusion band Gong Expresso. Gong Expresso is a side project of the progressive, space-rock band Gong, which has been making music since the late-sixties. This latest album titled "Decadence" will be released on February 20th and features 8-tracks that carry a more laid-back, calming tone and allows you to get lost within the music. The opening track "Decadence" is a gentle, guitar-led  instrumental that includes elements of soft jazz as the song's rhythm continues to build. The song "Zephyr" takes you on a space-like journey, while "Talisman" melts away your troubles as you listen to the song's improvisational music. Their new release wraps up with the jazz/rock fusion of "Eastern Platinum" as the intensity builds, before closing with the quiet, guitar-jazz piece "God Knows." To find out more about Gong Expresso and their latest release "Decadence," please visit their Facebook page at

Gothic rock artist Eva O, the "Queen Of Darkness" recently released her new solo album titled "The Rise Of Eva O." It features 8-tracks, beginning with the 11-minute dark, sonic, poetic requiem "Mister Death." You can feel the tragedy and loss his her vocals as she pours her soul into this new album. The atmospheric soundscapes of "Yesterday's Pain" and moody undertones of "Cliff/Fade" will have you re-examining your life as you follow every one of Eva O's words. The album closes with the quiet, Gothic/folk ballad "Eye See" and the eerie passion recital of "Rejection." To find out more about Eva O and her latest release "The Rise Of Eva O," please visit

Friday, February 9, 2018

Steve Hackett Delivers Outstanding New Album With "Wuthering Nights: Live In Birmingham"

Former Genesis guitarist Steve Hackett embarked on a worldwide tour last year to celebrate the release of his new studio album "The Night Siren" and the 40th anniversary of the Genesis album "Wind & Wuthering." He captured the essence of the tour with the newly released live album "Wuthering Night: Live In Birmingham" on CD, DVD and Blu-ray.

The new 2CD set features the entire 19-song show, beginning with "Every Day" from Hackett's third solo album "Spectral Mornings," followed by the exciting instrumental "El Nino" from his latest release. The band collaborates on the seven-minute instrumental "The Steppes," as the first half of the show focuses on Steve Hackett's solo material. The second half of the show is what long-time Genesis fans will enjoy as Hackett and his band perform nearly spot-on renditions of the complex tales from the "Wind & Wuthering" album. The epic pieces of "One For The Vine" and other Genesis favorites like "Firth Of Fifth" and "The Musical Box" showcase the amazingly talented band that Steve Hackett assembled for this special tour.

The entire show was also captured in high-definition and is available on DVD or Blu-ray as part of the 2 CD set. Included with the show is a "behind the scenes" look into what went on the day of the show in Birmingham, as well as three music videos of songs from his new album, "The Night Siren." To find out more about Steve Hackett and his latest release "Wuthering Night: Live In Birmingham," please visit

Thursday, February 8, 2018

New Independent Releases From Sub Groove, Life On Mars, Amigo, Tommy Marz Band & Everett Bird

Southern Florida funk band, Sub Groove return with their sophomore album titled "Shades Off." The new 30-minute, 8-track release begins with the deep bass groove of "Amplified," as if you were listening to a new song by the Commodores. Sub Groove deliver a more rock oriented vibe with "LOL," while "Dancing On The Moon" feels as if it came straight from the seventies nightclubs. After the marching rhythm and Prince-like vocals of "Checkmate," Sub Groove finish up their new album with the infusion of blues and funk on the title-song, "Shades Off." To find out more about Sub Groove and their new release "Shades Off," please visit

Arriving in January was the third album from this New York-based progressive folk/rock band, Life On Mars. Their new album titled "Trance Formation" features 10-tracks, beginning with the acoustic/folk story of "In The Garden Of Time" as you easily follow the heartening vocals of Earl Kayoss. Their music carries a nostalgic feel with the gentle angelic songs "Keeper Of The Dreams" and "Ever?," but sandwiched between these hymns are the Pink Floydian tones of "Rabbits" and the hard rock groove of "Burgers." Life On Mars wrap up their new album with the uplifting, spirited sing-along of "If I Fall." To find out more about Life On Mars and their latest release "Trance Formation," please visit their Facebook page at

From Charlotte, NC comes the debut album from the rock trio Amigo. Their new album "And Friends" features ten-tracks filled with addictive melodies and rock/pop tones. They start out with the Tom Petty-like rocker "The Big Idea" as you find the familiarity in their music comforting. They pick the tempo up for the nostalgic swinging rhythm of "Everybody" and "Bless Your Heart," before delivering the slow, island sway of "I Wanna Live." They finish up their new album with the high-powered, garage rock energy of "Underground Medicine," the blues of "Too Far Gone?" and the quiet, acoustic, country/folk piece "Almost Something Good." To find out more about Amigo and their latest release "And Friends," please visit their Facebook page at

The Detroit trio, The Tommy Marz Band is returning with a brand new studio album"Seventy-One Trips Around The Sun." The new 12-song release begins with the ringing of sirens during "My Former Self" as this trio know how to rock. The alternative rock groove of "Tumble In The Rough" and "Misery" will get your adrenaline pumping as they deliver an addictive, modern rock vibe with their music. Their sound gets a little edgier with the sonic blast of "Spiritus Mundi," before the band's Neil Young-like cover of America's "A Horse With No Name." The Tommy Marz Band finish up their new album with the raw, grunge appeal of "Living Stronger" and the deep, bluesy space groove of "Out Of Body Experience." To find out more about The Tommy Marz Band and their latest release "Seventy-One Trips Around The Sun," please visit

The experimental/alternative rock band Everett Bird are set to release their debut album "People Person" on February 23rd through Royal Mountain Records. The new 9-song release begins with the howling feedback driven "A Blessing In Da Skies," before this Canadian trio hit a more mainstream vibe with "Lizard." The band lightens up their sound for the pop-oriented feel of "Paranoid," then lift the energy level back up with the punk-like delivery of "Shred City Nights." Everett Bird finish up their new album with the gentle ballad, "Plug" and the addictive melody of "Slitherin'." To find out more about Everett Bird and their latest release "People Person," please visit their Facebook page at

Wednesday, February 7, 2018

New Music From Hard Rock Bands MYJA & Rausch, Along With Singer/Songwriter Matthew Carroll

From Los Angeles, CA comes the self-titled debut album from the hard rock band MYJA. The band is a side project for Michael Marquart (A Bad Think) and Jacob Bunton (Adler) and was released back in January. The new 10-song release begins with the pounding rhythm of "Hit And Run," as the song carries a nostalgic rock/pop vibe. The album's energy continues with "Anniversary," the guitar driven blues-rocker "Hangman" and the alternative grunge appeal of "Just One Kiss." They slow the tempo down for the acoustic, power ballad "Dear Eden," before closing their new release with the slow burn melody of "Mourning The Death." To find out more about MYJA and their new self-titled debut album, please visit their Facebook page at

The hard rock band Rausch made their return on February 2nd with their sophomore album "Book II." Spending almost ten years between releases, "Book II" continues the autobiographical tale of the band's existence with support from members of Fates Warning and Spock's Beard. The new 9-song release begins with the grand, progressive rock piece "Greener Grass" as you can instantly hear the Queen influence in their music. Rausch pick up the intensity with the battle cry of "Swansong," before showcases their early Genesis influence on the 10-minute epic "Drain." Rausch straight-up rock on "Good Day," before they present the Pink Floydian sounds of the nearly ten-minute prog-rock story of "The End." They finish up their new album with the piano ballad "Slow Suite II, Isolation." To find out more about Rausch and their latest release "Book II," please visit

Singer/songwriter/bandleader Matthew Carroll recently released his debut solo album, "Left To Burn" on February 2nd. The new 12-song release combines elements of alternative rock with radio-friendly pop melodies, as displayed in the opening track "Next One On Her List." Carroll keeps the energy flowing with addictive rock tones of "She Wants Me For My Body" and the punk-like appeal of "Ex Girlfriend." You will fall in love with Matthew's vocals on the sweet blues sound of "Pilots And Sailors," before returning to rock once again on the alt-pop tones of "My Baby's Gone" and "All My Love." He finishes his new album with the piano build-up of "Folding" and the acoustic ballad "Love." To find out more about Matthews Carroll and his latest release "Left To Burn," please visit