Monday, February 29, 2016

CD Review: New Indie-Music From Warme, The Smell Of Death, Loop Line, Wired Minds, Boolean Knife And SheLoom

First from the U.K. comes the latest release from rockers Warme titled "Council House Opera." The new album features a dozen hard rock gems that have a mainstream rawness to them, as blazing guitars and polished vocals highlight their sound. Beginning with the straight-up bar rocker, "Monday Comedown," you can hear their classic rock influences as Warme does a masterful job creating their own sound with "Give It Away." The album's lead single "Council House Opera" has an up-tempo, Buckcherry vibe, while "Walk On" is a heartfelt story of regret. They head into a pop/funk direction with "Wheel Of Emotion," before closing with the epic seven-minute power ballad "Dadgad" and the quiet bonus track "New Man." To find out more about Warme and their latest release "Council House Opera," please visit

Next from Virginia comes the latest release from underground metal band The Smell of Death titled "Penetrator." Their music contains bounds of energy as they deliver their ode to classic mystical metal as discovered in the big guitar riffs of "Hammer Of The Witch." The screams of "Rock And Roll Bone" and classic groove of "Dick Rocket To Hell" have almost a Spinal Tap quality to them, while the story of the "Headless Horseman" adds a progressive metal quality to their sound. The ten song album closes with the energetic blast of history with "300" and their return to that classic mystical metal sound with the thunderous appeal of "Grim." To find out more about The Smell Of Death and their latest release "Penetrator," please visit their Facebook page at

The alternative-pop duo Loop Line recently released their latest album titled "Wakes." The new 4-song EP begins with the Weezer sounding, up-tempo post-punk feel of "Nothing About You" that has tons of potential to catch on college radio. Then they experiment with the darker tones of "Grin," before finishing up with the psychedelic-pop of "Dusty Keys." To find out more about Loop Line and their most recent release "Waves," please visit their Facebook page at

From Chicago comes the debut EP from the post-punk rock band Wired Minds. Their new 3-song EP titled "Saudade" begins with the British rock feel of "Victoria" as their sound has a timeless, "MTV 120 minutes" alternative-pop/rock sound. The addition of keyboards gives the song "Strange Kind Of Love" an '80's vibe, while the album closer "Where You End And I Begin" sounds like a tribute to the nineties alternative rock decade. To find out more about Wired Minds, please visit

Also from Chicago comes the debut release from Boolean Knife, featuring local veteran musician/producer William Steffey (The Blue Meanies). The new 3-song EP titled "Astrid And The Killer Penguin" begins with the modern, alternative buzz of "Antarctica." This new four-piece band find their groove with the driving bass line of "Fifty North," before finishing with the experimental, psychedelic feel of "The Visitor." To find out more about Boolean Knife and their latest new release "Astrid And The Killer Penguin," please visit

Finally from Portland, OR comes the new album from the band named SheLoom titled "The Baron Of The Fjord." Don't let the album's name fool you, the songwriting and recording of this album is amazing, plus most of the album was made over the internet as the band members live across the Atlantic Ocean from each other. The new twelve-song album begins with the acoustic-pop of "America On Fire," but its the harmonies in "It Takes A Wrecking Ball" and "Corridors" that captures your attention. SheLoom showcases their raw, edgier side with guitars blazing during the rocker "The Bishops," before slowing down for the experimental, Pink Floydian "Spaceship Down Low." The album closes with the classical piece "White Skies" and the British rock undertone of "Caves And Shadows." To find out more about SheLoom ad their latest release "The Baron Of The Fjord," please visit their Facebook page at

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