Saturday, October 16, 2010

Concert Review: Cooper & Zombie Help Halloween Come Early To CT

Halloween came early to Connecticut as legend Alice Cooper and Rob Zombie took the stage Friday night at the Mohegan Sun Arena. Cooper, who was recently nominated for the Rock n Roll Hall Of Fame, returned to the state after only one year since his last visit. But, most were there to see the energy and creativity of music and movie mogul Rob Zombie. Their tour, dubbed the Halloween Hootenanny, was a pulp, horror movie come to life and many dressed in black for the occasion.

The school bell rang out through the halls of the arena to signal school was in session as Alice Cooper and his band took the stage for “School’s Out.” The “Theater of Death” is Cooper’s latest attempt at musical theater. He tells stories of grave situations through his songs, such as “Ballad Of Dwight Fry” and “Nurse Rozetta.” The show lived up to its name with no less that 6 deaths (4 of Cooper) which were performed in his signature vaudeville way. His gravely voice still gives an edge to his classic hits “Poison” and “Be My Lover,” but it’s his band that provides the young spark his songs loath for. Solos in “From The Inside” and “Black Widow” showed the talents his band members have to offer Cooper’s audience. Cooper hit his stride with “Billion Dollar Babies” and the set closer “Under My Wheels.”

The chant chorus of “I’m Eighteen” for the encore seemed to fit the general admission floor crowd’s age and demeanor. Cooper finished his 80 minute set with a reprise of “School’s Out” for those that may have missed the beginning of his show.

Rob Zombie, savior of the modern horror movie, was the night’s second-half of the double-bill. Zombie did a great job mixing songs from his newest release, 2010’s “Hillbilly Deluxe 2” with some of his classic solo hits “Living Dead Girl” and “Superbeast.” Giant 12 foot monsters, robots and demons crowded the stage for whatever the song called for as Zombie, guitarist John 5 and bassist Piggy D played along. Security was overprotective of the young crowd as mosh pits broke out for the White Zombie hits “More Human Than Human” and “Thunder Kiss ’65.” During John 5’s guitar solo, Rob Zombie ran frantically through the lower section seats with a spotlight, even visiting yours truly before heading back to finish his set.

A film trailer for one of Rob Zombie’s latest horror movie creations ”Werewolf Women of the SS” filled the big screen while the band returned for their encore. Approaching 11pm, Zombie finished the evening with the powerfully energetic “Dragula” and the song from his directorial debut “House of 1000 Corpses.”

The evening began with a 30 minutes set from the rising Goth-rock band Murderdolls. Their hard rock/punk music and shout-back style lyrics got the energy flowing early for Alice Cooper and Rob Zombie. The Gruesome Twosome Tour certainly lived up to its billing as two of the masters of shock-rock brought out the festiveness of Halloween to Connecticut a little earlier this year.

Alice Cooper setlist:
School’s Out
No More Mr. Nice Guy
Wicked Young Man
Ballad OF Dwight Fry
Go To Hell
Cold Ethyl
From The Inside
Nurse Rozetta
Be My Lover
Only Women Bleed
I Never Cry
Black Widow
Vengeance Is Mine
Dirty Diamonds
Billion Dollar Babies
I Love The Dead
Feed My Frankenstein
Under My Wheels
I’m Eighteen
School’s Out (reprise)

Rob Zombie setlist:
Jesus Frankenstein
Scum Of The Earth
Living Dead Girl
More Human Than Human
Sick Bubble-Gum
Demon Speeding
Mars Needs Women
Pussy Liquor
Never Gonna Stop
Thunder Kiss ‘65
Werewolf Women of the SS
House of 1000 Corpses

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Erik said...

Alright... you put in good review. It was about the overall show, good costumes, monsters, a good description of who the entertainers are... BUT... you did not touch on how bad Rob Zombie was in terms of singing...
HELLO! maybe it is because he is 'dead' but the man was short of breathe, did not finish his lyrics and was swearing more than anyone I have ever seen. Advice for Mr. Zombie... shut up, stop talking and just rock out to the great music that you make... If I recall correctly (and Mrs. Tequila dn Mr. Jameson might alter my memory a bit)... there was only ONE song that he just went into and just played... every other song was speech after speech... shut up and play!

Did you get any picks of when he came over and stood right next to you? That was the biggest response he got.. going into the crowd.
The CHEEZY "oh we have to pay a fine to play one more song" was stupid and so overly acted out... don't tell us just do it! You should of paid a fine for such a horrible show.
Tossing candy bars out at the end to the first 7 rows was great... I am glad they enjoyed that ending. It was so confusing... was he or was he not coming out to play again... very disturbing.
Do yourself a favor.. if you are planning on going to a show on this tour. Don't.
Buy one of his CDs.. crank it up and blast the music out your car as you head bang against the steering wheel. It is so much better and more real than that waste of 3 hours that I experience the other night.
Alice Cooper... he was OK, cheesy but I expected that. Would of preferred to golf a round with him than listen to the music but you take what you can get.

Said my peace.