Saturday, October 23, 2010

CD Review: System Of A Down Singer Goes Solo

Serj Tankian, lead singer and songwriter for hard rockers System Of A Down, recently released his second solo album entitled "Imperfect Harmonies." The album was released in September on Serjical Strike Records in conjunction with Reprise Records.

The sound of the album's lead single "Borders Are..." finds Serj using an orchestra in place of his normal System Of A Down-type musicians. While the lyrics are enticing, his vocals don't work as well with violins as they do with guitars. The album flows between pop songs like "Deserving?" that gets a dance-beat thrown behind it and rockers "Electron." Serj Tankian does experiment with sounds throughout this album. "Gate 21" puts Serj's vocals up against a string quartet and just never seems to make an impact. The piano and vocals in "Yes, It's Genocide" is a better collaboration. The closest Serj comes to his System Of A Down sound is in "Left of Center." Those expecting a hard-hitting System Of A Down album will need to wait a bit longer while Serj extends his song-writing skills on this latest release.

Serj Tankian's fall tour has been postponed until further notice. Check back to for news and updates.

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