Saturday, October 9, 2010

CD Review: Stone Sour Rocks Through "Audio Secrecy"

American rockers Stone Sour have recently released their third album entitled "Audio Secrecy." The album came out on Roadrunner Records at the beginning of September and have made a major impact on rock radio.

The new album starts off strong with the "in your face" sound of "Mission Statement" and "Digital (Did You Tell)." Corey Taylor's vocals switch between signing and screaming in order to portray the song's full effects. The album's first single, "Say You'll Haunt Me" carries a more alternative rock sound that is sure to climb the singles chart. The band slows things up with the rock ballad "Dying" as acoustic guitars get traded for electric guitars for the song's strong finish. The band does show dashes of hard rock brilliance in "Let's Be Honest" and "Unfinished" before slowing things down again with the ballad "Hesitate." The band comes roaring back in "Nylon 6/6," but followed again by the slowed tempo of "Miracles." The album does carry a great hard rock sound, but the album's flow is too up and down to keep the energy flowing throughout.

The album debuted at #6 on the Billboard Top 200 Albums chart and has hit the top 10 in a number of other countries. Stone Sour were on tour as part of the Uproar Festival, but have since headed overseas to headline a European tour that begins in October. For tour dates and more information on Stone Sour's new album, visit

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