Monday, October 25, 2010

CD Review: The Spies Bring On "Televolution"

Indie, pop-rock band The Spies are building a solid fan base with their two self-released albums (Old Ghosts and Televolution), touring and product placement in film and television. With a five year history behind them, The Spies are looking to grow on their sophomore release "Televolution."

The maturity in the band's song writing shines on the album's title song "Televolution" which carries a progressive rock, almost atmospheric vibe. The album's safe-zone is the Elvis Costello sounding "National Pastime" and the funky "You Got Some Nerve." The passion is felt in "Broad And Shade" while their pop sound finds a home in "Modern Oceans." The band experiments a little more with their sound in "Lavender" before closing with another Costello clone "It Comes In Waves."

The Spies have only one show scheduled in mid-November. Visit the band's website for more information on this up-and-coming indie rock band.

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Country Rock Review said...

Good find...I really like their style...gotta get them out to Philly