Tuesday, October 19, 2010

CD Review: The Silver Liners' EP "Just Like The Rest"

The Silver Liners are a five-piece band from Washington D.C. that are beginning to make a name for themselves along the east coast. They've been featured on Washington D.C.'s biggest rock radio station (DC101) and received rave reviews of their live shows. Now The Silver Liners have a 7-song EP out entitled "Just Like The Rest."

The album's title song, also the first single released, begins with a simple bass line that gets carried into a modern rocker with some Steve Miller-type vocals. Silver Liners raise the tempo even more with the pop-punk drumbeat and sing-along chorus of "Heard It From A Friend." The band hits their pop stride with "Without A Face" and "Technicolor." The EP finishes strong with "Cheer Up Alex" and "Like Clay" which both carry a Kings of Leon style sound to the songs.

The Silver Liners have a few shows lined up in November. They currently have a video for the song Just Like The Rest. For a complete list of shows and album information, visit thesilverliners.com.

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