Sunday, October 3, 2010

CD Review: Middle Class Rut Duo Releases Debut Album

The pairing of Zack Lopez and Sean Stockham have hit a few bumps in the road. When their first band called it quits in 2003, both took regular 9-5 jobs to get by, until they met up again three years later to create Middle Class Rut. After four years of perfecting their sound with EPs and live shows, Middle Class Rut will release their debut album on October 5 entitled "No Name No Color."

The steady build of the opening song "Busy Bein' Born" shows off the passion this duo has for their lyrics and sound. The tempo quickly takes off on "USA" and "Lifelong Dayshift" which surprises the listener that only two musicians are creating this full of a sound. The songs "On Debt Away" and "Alive or Dead" sound as if Jane's Addiction took a shot at heavy metal. The centerpiece of the album is the song called "Are You On Your Way, " a perfect combination of the duo's sound and lyrics. But, hard rock is where we feel the band's comfort zone in "Sad To Know" and "Thought I Was." The band experiments on the album closer "Cornbred" with a foot-stomp, clap-along that finds that simplicity is the key.

The new album will be released on Bright Antenna Records. Also be on the look out for the band to tour behind this strong debut. Check out the band's website ( for more information.

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