Tuesday, October 26, 2010

CD Review: Linkin Park's Concept of Nuclear War

Nu Metal masters Linkin Park return with their fourth studio album "A Thousand Suns." Released on September 14 through Warner Bros. Records, the album debut at #1 on Billboard's album chart. The album is more edgier than their last release "Minutes To Midnight," but the album does carry a more manufactured back-beat than what drummer Rob Bourdon provides. The concept of nuclear war is present throughout the album's 15 tracks.

The album begins with a gentle flow of keyboards and voices praying for help, before the voice of J. Robert Oppenheimer darkens the album's theme. "Burning In The Skies" and "Waiting For The End" sound like a club songs with their dance beats and pop vocals. Linkin Park travel back to their roots with the hip-hop/rock sounds of "When They Come For Me" and "Wretches And Kings." The albums carries a few musical interludes that tie the album's theme of nuclear warfare with famous quotes announced over flowing soundscapes. The album's strongest song is the album's first single "The Catalyst" as the band combines its tech-no beats with hard rock lyrics.

Produced by Rick Rubin and lead singer Mike Shinoda, the album shows the band's maturity growing in the song structures. Linkin Park are currently on tour overseas. For more information on their new album, visit linkinpark.com.

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