Thursday, October 28, 2010

CD Review: Genuine Imitations Tries Channeling "Pink Floyyd"

New York band, Genuine Imitations, have just released their new album of original songs entitled "Pink Floyyd Dark Side of the Mooon." The band's sound could be considered experimental punk. The band seems to have fun performing in the songs "How Ya Doin' G.I. Dave?" and "Borrow Yr Radio." Their sound is very different from mainstream rock radio, but that's what makes them stand out.

The album has a very raw, almost demo sound as most of the album's 8 songs clock in under the 2 minute mark. "Link's Journey" which happens to be the album's longest song, is also the most interesting. The steady beat and voiceovers keeps you focused on what the song is trying to say.

Genuine Imitations have a show at Don Pedro's in Brooklyn, NY on November 7. For more information on the underground punk/rock band, please visit

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