Wednesday, October 6, 2010

CD Review: Dragonforce Goes Live With "Dementia"

The heavy "power" metal band Dragonforce have recently released their first live album entitled "Twilight Dementia." It is a 2-disc summary of their Ultra Beatdown world tour.

Right from the album's opening track, you notice the duel speed guitar attack of Sam Totman and Herman Li. They, along with the double-bass drum pounding David Mackintosh and bassist Frederic Leclercq provide singer ZP Theart the energy of Dragonforce's signature sound. Both discs clock in well under 60 minutes, but manages to give the listener a small glimpse into the type of live show that Dragonforce provide their fans.

Many of the band's well-known songs are here including "Heroes of Our Time" and "Valley of the Damned." With so many songs providing the energy this group displays each show, their most famous song "Through the Fire and Flames" is only an added bonus for people to get to know this band better. The only disappointment found on this release is the clarity of the recording. One would think that if specific show or shows are being recorded for a live release that the best in mobile technology would be used for the mix. But it seems at times that the guitars and drums fall low in the overall sound of this album. It certainly doesn't distract from the overall performance, but lacks the punch that this band offers it's audience.

The album is available now on Spinefarm and Roadrunner Records. For more information on Dragonforce, visit the band's website

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