Sunday, October 24, 2010

CD Review: Disalto Return With "One Beacon"

LA band Disalto released their full-length sophomore effort this summer and critics are finally realizing what this band has to offer. The new album entitled "One Beacon In The Strand" is full of hard rock riffs provided by brothers Joe and David Friedman (bass and guitar, respectively). The album seems like a perfect combination of their influences, A Perfect Circle and Radiohead.

Pounding drums and screaming guitars gets lifted by singer Dana Cordero in the album's opener "The Arrival." The band's energy is displayed throughout the album. The mainstream rockers "Sooner or Later" and "Paint The Sky" show us what their talents have to offer us. Disalto turns up the volume on "Precious Flaw" with screaming vocals and "in your face" lyrics on how nobody's perfect.

Disalto has one scheduled for the 26th of October in Glendale, CA. Look for updates on the band's website

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