Tuesday, September 28, 2010

CD Review: Thee Sgt. Major Produces "Ideas"

Thee Sgt. Major III comes to us from Kurt Bloch of the Seattle band The Fastbacks. After The Fastbacks disbanded in 2001, Bloch put together a band of friends and released "Rich, Creamy Butter" in 2004. After a line-up change, TSM3 returned in 2010 with "The Idea Factory."

The band's energetic sound stands out on "Ice Cold 10" and "What Am I Gonna Do?" The punk-style drumming, along with '60's pop-rock style vocals bring a new dimension to these songs. "Into the Rhizome" has a girl-group sound with an updated rolling drumbeat moving the song along. The songs "Everything Is New" and "Five And Dime" clock in under 2-minutes and benefit from the absent guitar solo which just keep the energy flowing.

Even though The Fastbacks may be gone, Thee Sgt. Major III is as good as a replacement for their modern punk sound. Their new album "The Idea Factory is available on Spark and Shine Records. For more information, please visit www.myspace.com/theesgtmajoriii.

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