Thursday, September 16, 2010

CD Review: Say Hello To Good Morning Milo

The pounding of drums and searing guitar solos invite the listener to one of the newest bands on the alternative music scene. Good Morning Milo brings together the perfect combination of upbeat guitar driven tempos, pop lyrics, and wonderful harmonizing. The songs "Settling" and "Number One Killer" reflect the band's message of hope with a sound that's radio friendly. The gentleness of Weston's vocals on "After The Crash" support the piano keys on the background perfectly. Everything comes together in the song "Safe" for an alternative-pop music wonderland of words and sound. The chord changes and tempo of "Waiting" is a nice break from the norm. The album finishes with some of the band's best songs. The guitar driven "Battle For The Nice Guy," the keyboard heavy "Mr. Robot Man," and the unforgettable lullaby "Sunshine" which gets the alternative rock treatment.

The band's debut album was released in October of last year. Please visit Good Morning Milo's website ( for videos and information on this new up and coming alternative rock band.

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