Wednesday, September 15, 2010

CD Review: Little Beirut Find The "Fear Of Heaven"

Little Beirut return with their third album, "Fear Of Heaven." The self-released LP will be available in September through the band's website The hook-filled album grows upon the success of the band's last album "High Dive."

The first single off the album is the song "Last Light, " a steady alt-rocker with dashes of brilliance. "Cosmic Waitress" is a fun pop song with a great musical uplift for the chorus. The vocal harmonies on "Apology To My Heart" shows another dimension to the band's overall talents. The only things the album lacks is a consistent flow. The tempos for the album are very up and down. In between the modern rockers "Bow And Quiver" and "Cigarette Girls", you get the slower "True Swords" and "Tullah, How Long." The album finishes strong with the acoustic pop sounds of "No One Special" and "Crooked Crown."

A video for the song Last Light is available on You Tube.

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