Wednesday, September 22, 2010

CD Review: Jenny And Johnny Are "Having Fun Now"

After almost five years of working on each other's solo albums and joining each other on tours, Jenny Lewis and Jonathan Rice have finally released an album together. "I'm Having Fun Now" was released at the end of August on Warner Bros. Records and has received numerous positive reviews. The album debuted in the Top 40 of Billboard's Album chart.

The first thing you notice apart from the music is how great Jenny Lewis and Jonathan Rice's voices sound so well together. The playfulness of the album opener, "Scissor Runner" passes the spotlight between the two singers as each one accents the other's voice. The music on this album is very authentic without use or need of overdubs or multi-track layering. The gentle acoustic "Switchblade" really put their singing and songwriting talents on display. Each singer also takes their turn commanding the attention of lead singer. First, Jenny Lewis's pop sounds on "Big Wave, " then Jonathan's acoustic folk-rock "Animal." The vocal harmonizing on "Just Like Zeus" and "New Yorker Cartoon" just reinstates how good this couple sounds together. The duo do get their rock groove on for the song "Committed. " A fun song that I would like to see more of on their next release.

Jenny and Johnny are currently on tour together promoting their new release. They will be appearing at Toad's Place in New Haven, CT on October 18. For more tour dates and ticket information, please visit

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