Thursday, September 2, 2010

CD Review: Hurricane Bells Bring "The Rain"

Hurricane Bells return with a new EP entitled "Down Comes The Rain" on September 28. Steve Schiltz, the brainchild behind Hurricane Bells, produced the album and is releasing it on his own label, Invisible Brigades. The band broke through to the mainstream with the release of the song "Monsters" on the "Twilight: New Moon Soundtrack" last year.

The 5-song EP contains two brand-new songs and three cover songs. The originals "The Waiting Song" and "The Deep End" give Schiltz a little more freedom to be creative with his sound. You can feel more passion in his voice on his own songs. The cover songs on the album consist of the pop sounding "Make A Deal With The City" which sounds like Schiltz is just following the footprints laid out for him. He doesn't seem to add anything to song's overall feeling. The other cover song, originally performed by Blue October is "Into The Ocean." The song gives another dimension to Schiltz's performance given the moody vibe the song portrays. The EP closes with a duet of the Carole King song "Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow." While the song is the most well-known track on the album, the addition of Ashen Keilyn's voice balances very well with Schiltz's voice. Plus the acoustic guitar just floats by in the background, if only it was played out longer than two and a half minutes.

A pre-order of the new EP is available on the Hurricane Bells website ( and you'll also receive a free remix EP entitled "Ghost Stories." Hurricane Bells also have some free song downloads on their website. They will be performing in Washington DC on September 18 and in New York on September 25, so try to check them out.

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