Saturday, August 7, 2010

CD Review: Uncle Kracker Returns To "Happy Hour"

Uncle Kracker returns this summer with "Happy Hour: The South River Road Sessions" EP. The 6-song EP delivers stripped-down versions of songs from his 2009 Top 20 album "Happy Hour." For the most part, the songs benefit from the simpler production. The 2009 hit single "Smile" still shines from its sing along chorus, but the music works better than the overproduced 2009 version. "Good To Be Me" finds help in the form of Kid Rock, while the duet between Uncle Kracker and Jesse Lee on "Me Again" burns with its vulnerable lyrics. The EP continues with "I'm Not Leaving" and "Livin' The Dream" giving it a more country rock sound. The unreleased "Letter To My Daughters" shows us a soft side to Uncle Kracker as the "letter written" lyrics and acoustic guitars just melt together.

Released in June, the album debuted at #66 on the Billboard 200 album chart and #9 on the US Country chart. This EP is a great little summer escape for 20 minutes of good ol' country music.

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Aaron and Andrew said...

Great Review. I'm not a huge Uncle Cracker fan, but I enjoy the variety of music that you select. Cool Blog!