Tuesday, August 3, 2010

CD Review: Paul McCartney's Guitarist Releases "Born On Earth"

For the past decade, Rusty Anderson has been providing the lead guitars for one of the biggest names in music. As a member of Paul McCartney's Band, Rusty has toured the world and performed on McCartney's last 3 studio albums, but now it is time for Rusty to release his second solo album, "Born On Earth." It allows Rusty to open up and experiment on his own.

The album opener, "Born On Earth," gives us everything Rusty Anderson has to offer. Rusty shows-off his guitar playing with a loud, crunching sound, as well as his passionate vocals and harmonies. When you hang out with Paul McCartney for the past ten years, something's bound to rub off. The songs "Timed Exposure" and "Julia Roberts" find the guitarist effectively using the former Beatles' way of structuring songs. Anderson's pop aspects shine through on "Baggage Claim" and "Under A White Star." The soft gentle acoustics of "Private Moon Flower" and "Where Would We Go?" is were we find the songwriters' true strength. His use of instruments flow together to capture a great sound. "New Beginning" reminds the listener that Anderson still knows how to rock.

Rusty Anderson is still working his day job, performing guitar duties on the Paul McCartney's "Up and Coming Tour." His new album, "Born On Earth" was released on August 3 on Oxide Records. Visit rustyanderson.com for more information.

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