Thursday, August 19, 2010

CD Review: Heavy Glow's "Filth And The Fury" EP

Heavy Glow have just released a new EP entitled "The Filth and the Fury." This new rock trio from San Diego expands on their heavy classic rock sound with some modern vocals supplied by front-man Jared Mullins. The stand-out guitar solos and repetitive chorus makes the lead-off track "I Almost Prayed" hard to resist. The EP's first single "Hot Mess" is exactly that. The crunch of guitars and pounding drums trying to play catch-up with each other work great with the song's blues-rock vocals. It noticeable that Heavy Glow concentrate more on the music than the lyrics, but that's fine when your music sounds that good.

Look for Heavy Glow's new EP available now on iTunes, Amazon and Rhapsody. The song "Hot Mess" is available on the CD sampler for the July issue of Classic Rock magazine. Check out the band's myspace page ( for more information.

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