Saturday, August 14, 2010

CD Review: Elevator Art Gives Us Some Variety

Elevator Art's debut album is filled with different musical stylings, and why shouldn't it. The group's four different lead singers each have their strong singing styles and the songs reflect it.

Three guys (Daimon Santa Maria, Mike Jonin & Joseph La Scola) and two girls (Jennifer Mustachio & Maureen McGowan) perform all the instruments on the album as well as the vocals. The musical style for the album ranges from rock (Matryoshka, Punch And Judy) to folk (Gingerbread Veterans, Freedom Cell) to pop (Holland Flowers). The harmonizing on "Autumn Epitaph" gives the song a fuller, well-rounded vocal performance. "How Does The Day Find You" sounds like an out-take from Pink Floyd's "Meddle" era and "My Glass" taps the alternative vein of No Doubt. The band really rocks on the songs "Deja Voodoo" and "Blah Blah Blah" although the lyrics are simple, but effective.

Elevator Art have been sticking close to home performing recently in their home state of New Jersey. Please visit the band's myspace page ( for more information.

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