Wednesday, August 18, 2010

CD Review: The Avisi Gives Us "Life"

From the south of Wales comes The Avisi. Their new EP entitled "Life Through Abstract Eyes" is available now as this 4-piece band is ready to take-off onto the music scene.

The EP is a concise, brief taste of what The Avisi has to offer to the alternative music scene. The album's lead-off song is upbeat and easily deserves repeat listens. The music does not overpower the vocals and the chorus is simple and catchy. "Alternate Love Song" slows down the pace, but only slightly. The music behind this song draws up a slight resemblance to the music stylings of Weezer. The third song on the EP "Take Me Away" makes the vocals of Carl Ward the focus before the rest of the band picks-up the pace for the chorus.

For more information on The Avisi, check out their myspace page (

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