Monday, August 2, 2010

CD Review: American Hi-Fi Put Up A "Fight"

American Hi-Fi return with their strongest effort to date "Fight The Frequency." It's also their first album in five years and their first album to feature all the original members since 2003. Some members of the band have been filling-in for Miley Cyrus's touring band. It seems that the time away strengthened the band's sound and songwriting.

The band's familiar alternative-punk sound is blasted with the album's opening track "Fight The Frequency." The acoustic-pop aspects of the album shine with "Where Love Is A Lie" which is sure to be a radio staple. The album's lead-off single, picks up where their hit "The Rescue" left-off. Stacy Jones' vocals draw you in to the song's meaningful lyrics. "Fat Clump" is a heavy-rocker that seems out of place on this album. The album ends strong with the pounding drums of "Bullet" and blazing guitars of "Tiny Spark."

Look for the band's new album to hits stores on August 17th and check their myspace page ( and website ( for tour announcements.

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