Friday, July 2, 2010

CD Review: The Steve Miller Band Is Back With "Bingo!"

It has been 17 years since The Steve Miller Band's last album "Wide River" and it will be even longer since his last album of original material. The Steve Miller Band's latest release "Bingo!" is a small taste of the type of music that attracted Steve Miller to pick up a guitar over 40 years ago. Steve Miller said that this is a "party record" to get up and dance to. It contains covers of songs from B.B. King, Jimmie Vaughan, Earl King, Otis Rush and more.

The album was released as a standard 10-song format and a special edition featuring 14-songs. The standard edition is a very short, concise collection of some great covers performed by the current Steve Miller Band line-up. Songs like "Don't Cha Know" and the album's first single "Hey Yeah" find Steve's voice in fine form. It makes you wish he made more albums in the past 17 years. Also noticeable on this new album is the addition of Sonny Charles (Checkmates) on vocals. His blues-style singing is a welcoming compliment to Steve Miller's guitar style. The guest appearance of Joe Satriani on the songs "Rock Me Baby" and "Sweet Soul Vibe" steals the guitar thunder from Steve Miller, but also gives these songs a blues-rock edge. "All Your Love (I Miss Loving)" has that classic Steve Miller Band sound we've been waiting years to hear again and Sonny Charles shines on the album closer "Ooh Poo Pah Doo."

Many of the songs on "Bingo!" seem destined to be expanded on in a live setting. The Steve Miller Band is currently on tour, crisscrossing across the country. Check out The Steve Miller Band's website ( for more information.

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james said...

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