Sunday, July 18, 2010

CD Review: Quick & Easy Boys' "Red Light" Debut

The debut album "Red Light Rabbit" from The Quick & Easy Boys on PerCapita Records instantly draws a comparison to early Red Hot Chili Peppers. The funk/punk sound of the album's opener "Foster I..." and "7 Ways" carries the energy of the album. The Quick & Easy Boys' influences shine all throughout this new release. "Take Your Medicine" shows off the band's Funkadelic sounds while "Breakin' Love" shows the band's love for Willie Nelson. The song "Senorita" has California bass groove similar to Sublime's musical styles and the album closes with dashes of Frank Zappa on the songs "Spicey Paella" and "Daggers."

The band has a great modern sound, but too many similarities to other artists takes away from the authenticity of their own music. I hope the band expands and experiments more on their next release. The Quick & Easy Boys have a video for the album's single "Take Your Medicine" and their tour has them sticking to the west coast. Their album is available on iTunes and Amazon. For more information visit the band's website

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