Thursday, July 29, 2010

CD Review: The Punch Brothers' "Antifogmatic" Creation

The Punch Brothers have been changing the way bluegrass music is played for the past four years. The sound on their latest release "Antifogmatic" is like a rock album without the drums. The way the members of the band play their instruments is nothing short of spectacular.

Right from the beginning, in the songs "You Are" and "Don't Need No," you notice this not your typical bluegrass band. The fast strumming and rock-style vocals definitely tune you into their sound. "Rye Whiskey" features some great lyrics that turn into a sing along with the band. The song "Missy" shows us the gentleness of the band while "The Woman And The Bell" shows us the band's diversity. The Punch Brothers float between traditional bluegrass and Dave Matthews Band acoustic rock on "Next To The Trash." But they really show off their skills on the six-and-half minute "Welcome Home."

The Punch Brothers new album "Antifogmatic" was released in June on Nonesuch Records. The combination of their sound and live performances should open up their music to a whole new group of fans. The band has over two dozen dates scheduled including the Newport Folk Festival on August 1. For a complete list of shows and more information on the Punch Brothers, please visit their website,

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