Monday, July 12, 2010

CD Review: Hammer Tries To Impress With "Bruce"

The alternative rock trio of Jeff Stickley (Drums, Vocals), E. Duncan Webster (Bass, Vocals) and Joe Hall (Guitar, Vocals), also known as Hammer No More The Fingers, have released their follow-up album entitled "Looking For Bruce." One feature that makes this band stand out is the way they break the tempo of their songs like in "Shutterbug." The vocal harmonies and steady beats make "Nobody Knows" one of the more attractive songs of the album. The playful lyrics of "Fall Down, Play Dead" and "Mushrooms" gives life to these short songs. The up-tempo beat of "Nitro" gives off an energetic and welcoming vibe. The band saves one of its best songs for the end with the album closer "I Fell Asleep."

Hammer No More The Fingers are currently touring the east coast and will make a stop at Sub Rosa in Danbury, CT on July 18th. Their album is available now from Churchkey Records. To stream the full album and for tour information, visit the band's website,

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