Monday, July 19, 2010

CD Review: Floater Creates "Prog-Rock" With "Wake"

Oregon band Floater have joined the "prog-rock" community with their latest release "Wake." The members of Floater have come to master their sound, combining pop, progressive and psychedelic rock to draw the listener into their music world.

The guitar-driven "Concentrate" brings back memories of the early days of Genesis with its multiple chord changes. Floater spreads themselves out with the pop hooks of "Wondering" and "Matadors," where as the funkiness of "Broken Toy" is what makes this band stand-out. The band also knows how to rock in "Leave A Light On" and "You Taught Me." "Killing Time" finds the right mix of experimental music and hard-hitting lyrics, but "Let It Go" finds the band returning to a more pop sound.

The self-financed, self-released album is available now through their website ( and the band currently have a couple dates left on their tour schedule.

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