Friday, July 30, 2010

CD Review: Fauxbois "Carry On" With New Album

The beginnings of the band Fauxbois date back almost 10 years when principle songwriter Brian Mayer began writing songs in his Brooklyn, NY apartment. After many years of touring on his own under the name Mayerforceone, he began recording a proper album in 2007 with studio musicians in Point Juncture, WA. The sessions went so well that he recruited the musicians to form Fauxbois.

The band's debut "Carry On" will not blow you away, but that's not the point. Their sound is a slow, steady building folk-rock with highlights of electric guitars here and there. The songs that stand-out are the album opener "Hearts A Radio" which is a catchy pop song and the acoustic "Neptune." The band finds their strength in song-writing on the softer "Start Of My Slip" and "Let It Fall Down." Fauxbois does know how to rock too in the mostly instrumental "Last Heart Beats."

Fauxbois will be performing in New York and Pennsylvania at the end of the month before heading to Massachusetts and New Jersey at the beginning of August. Their new album "Carry On" is available now on Spark & Shine Records. Visit the band's myspace ( for more information.

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