Saturday, July 31, 2010

CD Review: Davy Mooney Brings Back "Ghosts"

Singer/Songwriter Davy Mooney is a native of New Orleans, but recently moved up to New York City. His newest release "Ghosts of Music, Past" brings influences from home into his new songs. The title track is a gentle, flowing ballad with just the slightest hint of horns to give it a little soul. "Summer Shower Song" displays more of Davy's vocal talents, while "The Captain's Daughter" is a story waiting to be heard. The album carries a very relaxing vibe that makes the listener focus on what is presented, instead of what is missing.

Davy Mooney will be performing a couple of dates in New York City on August 2 (55 Bar) and August 19 (Bar Next Door). For more information on this up and coming songwriter, please visit

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