Thursday, July 22, 2010

CD Review: The Best Of Reel Big Fish

After 15 years and 7 albums, Ska/Punk rockers Reel Big Fish thought it was about time to revisit their catalogue for a greatest hits compilation of their own. The band's old label Jive Records released a "greatest hits" album back in 2006, but the band wanted to reintroduce themselves to the masses. Their new recently released compilation entitled "The Best Of Us For The Rest Of Us" features 22 songs chosen by the band and fans based on their popularity. Also, due to license restrictions, many of the songs on this compilation are re-recorded versions of their hits.

Reel Big Fish are known for their fun lyrics and energetic shows. It seems that the band has most of their fun on their earlier songs like "She Has A Girlfriend Now" and "Everything Sucks." The band's playful lyrics are on full display in "Another F. U. Song" and "Ban The Tube Top," but their songs are so catchy and concise that they are hard to resist. Their biggest hits "Sell Out" and "Trendy" are here as well. The only songs that don't seem as fresh as Reel Big Fish's original songs are the covers of "Take On Me" and "Brown Eyed Girl." It's nice to have all their favorites together and the band sounds great rerecording their hits.

Accompanying this new "greatest hits" CD is a bonus "skacoustic" CD. The disc contains 14 of their songs done acoustically. The band really has fun recreating these songs. The raw acoustic recording puts the listener at a huge bonfire or cookout with one of the most fun bands in music today.

Reel Big Fish's new compilation is sold exclusively through Best Buy. Also, Reel Big Fish have joined the Vans Warped Tour and will be performing on the main stage until the end of the tour on August 15. For more information on this release and tour dates, please visit

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