Tuesday, July 27, 2010

CD Review: Audra Mae's "Happiest" Debut!

Singer-songwriter Audra Mae has just released her debut album "The Happiest Lamb" in May of this year. Her singing roots flow deep as she is the grand niece of famed singer Judy Garland, but "The Happiest Lamb" is Audra's new beginning in music.

Her voice and storytelling lyrics carry the album. Audra's voice is strong and smooth in the songs "Millionaire" and "My Lonely Worry." She also shows her country-side in "The River" and her jazzy-side in "Snakebite." If her voice doesn't capture you, then her lyrics will. The stories within the songs "The Fable" and "Sullivan's Letter" are just magnificent. She closes her album with a powerful rendition of the Dolly Parton song "Little Sparrow."

After just finishing up an east-coast tour in June, Audra Mae will be back on the road in September on the west-coast. Her album "The Happiest Lamb" is available now on Side One Dummy Records. Please visit her myspace page for updates.

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