Saturday, March 27, 2010

Concert Review: Norah Jones Brings "The Fall" To MGM Grand

Multi-platinum selling artist Norah Jones has been soothing audiences for almost a decade with her sultry, smooth voice. Her music has swayed between jazz, rock and country and her band has changed its line-up on a number of occasions, but it’s her voice that is the one constant that fans have come to know. Norah Jones brought her latest band to the MGM Grand Theater at Foxwoods to promote her most recent album, “The Fall”.

Opening the show on rhythm guitar, Norah Jones, dressed in a blue bubble skirt accompanied by some bright red high-heel shoes, jumped right into the new album with “I Wouldn’t Need You”. The first six songs of the show were from her latest release with the biggest response coming from her single “Chasing Pirates”. The opening chords of her 2004 hit single “Sunrise” drew a big applause from the audience. Norah Jones seemed most comfortable at her piano where she would do most of her interacting with the sold-out theatre crowd. Lead guitarist Smokey Hormel was able to steal the spotlight at times, especially during his slide-guitar solo of “Back to Manhattan”; however, Norah was everyone’s main focus whether she was on guitar, keyboards or piano. A solo performance of her breakthrough hit “Don’t Know Why” seemed the lack the extra punch provided by the band, but that night, Norah could do no wrong. Her 2003 single “Come Away With Me” drew one of the biggest applauses before finishing her set with a cover of The Kinks’ song “Strangers.”

The encore began with a quartet of musicians that included Sasha Dobson (acoustic guitar and vocals), Gus Sevffert (stand-up bass), Smokey Hormel (steel guitar) and Norah on acoustic guitar and vocals. They performed a cover of Hank Williams’ “How Many Times Have You Broken My Heart”, a song that was given to Norah Jones to give music to Hank Williams’ lyrics. The entire band joined in for the closing song, “Stuck” as Smokey Hormel’s solos and Norah Jones’ smiles enticed the crowd to deliver a well-deserved standing ovation to the evening’s performance.

I Wouldn’t Need You
Tell Yer Mama
Light As A Feather
Chasing Pirates
Even Though
It’s Gonna Be
Rosie's Lullabye
Cold Cold Heart (Hank Williams cover)
Back To Manhattan
Sinkin’ Soon
Bull Rider (Johnny Cash cover)
Carnival Town
Man Of The Hour
Don’t Know Why
Young Blood
Come Away With Me
Strangers (The Kinks cover)

How Many Times Have You Broken My Heart (Hank Williams)

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