Thursday, March 18, 2010

CD Review: Luther Russell Gets Going With "Motorbike" EP

Singer-songwriter Luther Russell will release a six-song EP entitled "Motorbike" on March 15th. These songs are taken from his forthcoming double-album "The Invisible Audience." Russell has produced over 20 albums in the past decade, but this is only his second solo album since moving from Portland, Oregon back to his hometown of Los Angeles.

Motorbike begins with the title track that has a very "Americana" feel to its sound. The combination of the acoustic guitar and steady drumbeat is the perfect beginning to this short trip through sound. The harmonizing voices of "Dead Sun Blues" and "Et Al" give off a very laid-back, "swinging on the front porch" type vibe. Both songs are well-placed in this concise EP. "A World Unknown" sounds like a lost out-take from Blind Faith with it's shake-style drumming and acoustic blues guitar riff. "Tomorrow's Paper" is the "rock" song that most people will relate to with its Foo Fighters-type sound. But Russell finishes the EP with an acoustic song "Somehow or Another" about rising up from the ashes of defeat.

Luther Russell will be performing at the Rockwood Music Hall in New York City before heading overseas for a dozen dates in April. For more information on Luther Russell's new EP "Motorbike", check out

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