Monday, March 22, 2010

CD Review: HIM's 13 Chapters of "Love"

Finnish rockers, HIM, return with their seventh studio album entitled, "Screamworks: Love in Theory and Practice, Chapters 1-13". Singer/songwriter Ville Valo wrote these songs as a way of getting back at all the people that have broke his heart or let him down. This new album was produced by Matt Squire (Panic! at the Disco, All Time Low) and was released in February on the Sire record label.

"Screamworks" starts out with the heavy rocker "In Venere Veritas" which gives us some of lead singer Ville Valo's most powerful vocals. The rest of the album flows between alternative rock anthems and rock radio hits before returning with the heavy "Ode To Solitude". The album's first single, "Heartkiller" carries a message to all those who were scarred by a break-up. HIM show their softer side with "Disarm Me (With You Loneliness)", but the lyrics are nothing short of revengeful. Keyboards play a large part in introducing the songs "Love, The Hardest Way" and "In The Arms Of Rain" before the rest of the bands takes over the songs. The album finishes strong with the heavy hitting "Like St. Valentine" and the experimental "The Foreboding Sense of Impending Happiness". Fans new and old will appreciate the band's attempt to tackle the albums overall theme of emptiness and revenge.

HIM are currently on tour promoting their new album. They will be performing at the Electric Factory in Philadelphia on March 26th, the Sonar in Baltimore on March 27th and the House of Blues in Boston on March 28th. For more tour dates, check out HIM's new album is available now in stores and online.


Audio Mastering Services said...

It's amazing how much is involved in making a corset when you break it down into steps. I've been making them for so long I almost do it without thinking...note the almost!

Anonymous said...

Emptiness and revenge? And you are who, Don Juan?

Star_Dancer said...

Wow... to 'Anonymous' above. o_O
You are so brave to post your closed-minded comment under Anonymous. Kudos to you.

What the hell happened to the freedom of people being able to review an album with their own feelings/ perception? I thought that was the 'magic' of music- for songs to speak to the individual listening on a personal level that they, themselves, can relate to. Seriously, do you think 'everyone' who listens to the album is going to see it like you obviously do or how you think it 'ought' to be perceived.

Let me guess....only 'true HIM fans' are able to review this album because 'they' understand Valo better than his own parents...blah..blah...blah.... I'm not even going to say how sick & tired I am of you fans trying to act like you know Valo on a personal level & how you guys truly know what he thinks, etc. Sadly, I am a HIM fan, but nothing like you. Thank Gods for that!

Honestly, you kissing Valo's ass isn't going to make him write a song about you or sleep with you, so your sarcasm only makes you look pathetic. May I suggest you grow up, start living in reality & above all, let others have the right to perceive this album or any other album as they so choose.

Iris Yukka said...

Well congrats to you! It takes skill to write such an inappropriate comment. The freedom of being able to interpret a piece of art 'with your own feelings' is hogwash. You can do that in the intimacy of your intellect and use the representation thus formed for your own existential purposes. But if you plan on writing a review on that piece of art the situation changes completely. According to your liberal view, if I believe that Baudelaire's 'La Beaute' is about an alien queen fallen on Earth from one of Venus's distant satellites, then, by all means, I should write that down in a review because it's MY opinion and, surely, it's worth millions. Rubarb. When reviewing art and what-not one should be professional enough as to identify the interpretation that is closest to the artist's. But that takes skill, critical abilities and imagination that doesn't go haywire. I'm not talking about ordinary people who are free to understand, interpret and use art as they wish. But those who are 'arbiters' of taste and meaning are obliged to have a more appropriate understanding of aesthetics. So, being personal does not mean mutilating the true meaning of art in order to squeeze it into your Weltanschauung. JP, no offence...but you're beating around the bush a bit.

Ria. said...

Have you listened to anything out of VILLE'S own mouth? There album is NOT about revenge and emptiness of any sort. It's about hope and embracing the light at the end of the tunnel, “a lighter shade of black“…said by Valo himself. Truly, listen to a couple interviews from the man who wrote the lyrics before posting something like this again. It's an insult.

Get your facts straight man.

JP's Music Blog said...

I'm sorry, I must have misinterpreted some of Ville Valo's lyrics. But lines like "Farewell heartless world, I'll send you a postcard" from Heartkiller, "I'm scarred to death and you're sweet like poison" from Scarred To Death, "Lift The Lid of your heart's casket" from In The Arms Of Rain gave me a different opinion to the song's meaning. The sound on their new disc is great. I guess I've just been listening to too much soft rock lately.

Anonymous said...

You are all bone heads.... this music is crap. Dave Matthews Band is King! His music speaks to me in ways that you cannot understand. Him along with Britney spears, the Jonas brothers and anyone on American idol are far better lyricists and much better artists. Keep your HIM to yourself and go listen to it as you slide off a cliff.

Ria. said...

Alright. I suppose it is understandable how one can take a bleak outlook on the lyrics. I’ve got a question for you though.
How is the lyrics “lift the lid off your heart’s casket” (In The Arms of Rain) revengeful or empty or sad in any way? I find it to be one of the most hopeful lyrics on the album honestly. It’s like saying to bring your heart back to life and what not. If you’ve time look at this link at the end of this and maybe you’ll get a better understanding. This is such an amazing album I think everyone should see what it’s really about.

Anonymous said...

Ummm... I believe the song is called Scared To Death NOT Scarred To Death. At least get the songs right and you might be able to interpret the lyrics better. The lyrics are "I'm scared to death" which has to do with being scared of love, which is quite sweet and hopeful in my opinion. JP, I respect your ideas on Screamworks, just make sure you have the facts correct. Anyway, I might be biased because I'm a huge HIM fan, but I think Screamworks: Love in Theory in Practice is great, as are all of HIM's albums. Ville has a beautiful voice and I hope he continues to use it to its full potential.

(I only used anonymous because I don't want to make an account)
-Chloe M