Wednesday, February 3, 2010

CD Review: "Wake" Up With Karnivool's New Album

Australian hard rock band Karnivool will release their sophomore album in the US on February 16th. The band's new album entitled "Sound Awake" has already gone gold in their home country and is burning up the charts in the U.K. The band has also won numerous awards in Australia for their debut album, "Themata" and are looking to bring some of that success overseas.

Right from the opening guitar riff and pounding drums, the music of Karnivool hits you with it's hard rock sound. Then, lead singer, Ian Kenny swoops in with his vocals to put the listener at ease and sets the mood for this musical experience. The Led Zeppelin-style drums of the album's opener "Simple Boy" and crunching guitars of "Goliath" lead up to the epic "New Day" which brings you on a journey of sound. The album's first single "Set Fire To The Hive" is an "in your face" rocker with its distorted vocals and rolling drums, a great way to introduce the band to a new audience of listeners. The band lets Kenny's vocals lead the way on the gentle, balladry of "Umbra" and the mainstream sound of "All I Know". The chord and tempo change of "The Caudal Lure" show us another side to the band's musical talents. The album closes with the twelve minute epic "Deadman" and the powerful ten-plus minute "Change". Both songs display the elaborate song-writing talents of this up-and-coming band from Australia.

Karnivool is currently on tour in Australia, but will soon hit the US in March with a tour starting at the SXSW festival in Austin, Texas. They will also be performing at the Webster Theater in Hartford, CT on April 2nd. Please visit for more information on their new album and for concert dates.

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