Sunday, January 24, 2010

CD Review: Low Water Reach A High Mark On "Swan"

Right from the opening song "Voodoo Taxi", you'll notice that Low Water has been taking notice of what's happening in music today. Their sound has tapped the same vein of music as Wilco and Ryan Adams. Their laid-back acoustic rock sound only strays on occasions when the song calls for it. The album's lead-off single "Voodoo Taxi" has received a large amount of airplay in New England, especially in their home state of New York.

"Motown" is another strong song with its pop sounding chords and vocal harmonies. Low Water show-off their moodier side of song-writing with the slow-tempo "Go". "She Shined Down" is the creative peak of the album with its signature drum beats and the passionate delivery of the lyrics. The epic "Charge" clocks in at over 11 minutes with its mix of chord changes and Pink Floydian soundscape. The album closes with the piano driven "Remedy Of Lead". The song's slow start builds with each instrument overpowering the last.

Low Water will be performing on Friday, January 29th at Larry's in Danbury, CT. Their latest album "Twisting The Neck Of The Swan" was released in 2008 and is available on iTunes and from the band's website

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