Tuesday, January 26, 2010

CD Review: Dion Roy Brings Us His "Gallery"

This upcoming weekend Connecticut will get it's fill of indie artist Dion Roy. Roy will be bringing his brand of acoustic rock to local TV shows on Fox61 and My TV9 as well as Hartford's Up or On the Rocks. Roy's debut album "Gallery" was released in June of 2009. His songs have been featured on Sirius XM, Internet and FM radio stations throughout the country. He recently opened for Ryan Cabrerra and is currently on his solo tour that will run for the next two months.

His album "Gallery" is filled with sing-along choruses and acoustic pop standards. Starting with the up-tempo "Come Back Around", the song sets the stage for the rest of the album's sound. Roy doesn't stray far from this formula. "You Can't Take" features a bit of a country song sway, while songs like "Downwards" and "Reconsider" adds a bit more bass here and a bit more drums there, but he keeps the same flow to his songs. By playing it safe he maintains more of an interest in the meaning behind the lyrics. His passion really shines on the ballad "So It Goes".

Dion Roy will be appearing on Fox61's Connecticut Morning Show on Friday, January 29th before his live show at Up or On The Rocks in Hartford, CT on Saturday night. He will be returning on February 6 for an appearance on My TV9's "Good Morning Connecticut". If you happen to miss his show this weekend, Dion Roy witll be performing once again on March 27 at Up or On The Rock in Hartford. His album is available on Amazon and iTunes. For more information on Dion Roy and his music, please visit www.dionroy.com.

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