Sunday, December 13, 2009

CD Review: Singer/Songwriter Alex Highton Becomes A Storyteller

Englishman Alex Highton is what we're looking for in folk music today. His laid back storytelling is very enjoyable to the ears and his singing keeps you focused on his voice. At times, his songs can sound like 60's pop and southern blues at the same time. He is currently an unsigned artist, but probably not for long.

The opening track "Village Life" sounds like an acoustic out-take from The Kinks' "Village Green Preservation Society". His voice and clever song-writing style is very similar to The Kinks' Ray Davies. The gentle flow of "You've Got The Trees" is a wonderful piece of music and lyrics. Many of Alex's songs do not follow the conventional song style of verse, chorus, verse, chorus; he adds a more storytelling element to his songs. Some of the songs like "Smoking" and "You Left Me In No Doubt" sound as if they are being presented in their raw demo form which works with the flow of the album, but I would also like to hear a more completed version of these songs. The acoustics and harmonizing of "Panic" and "A Song For Someone" sound like early Pink Floyd. "Dirty Rugs", the album closer, is a fun acoustic track that sounds like it came from the sessions for The Beatles' "White Album".

Overall, the album has a smooth, relaxed flow to the songs. Do yourself a favor and check out Alex's myspace page and read what others are saying about him. Then jump over to iTunes and purchase this new discovery of 2009.


Promoting Your Music said...

i agree,it is really soothing music.good work in promoting your musicwould like to see more of such work

CD Replication said...

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