Thursday, November 19, 2009

CD Review: Youth Group Makes "The Night" Their Own

Australian band, Youth Group, has been gathering attention since their single "Forever Young" was featured on the hit show, The O.C. Now the band is back with their latest release, "The Night Is Ours". Released on the Australian label Ivy League Records, the album was recorded in a 1920s mess hall in Sydney, Australia. Finally receiving praise in the US from Esquire and Spin magazine as well as, Youth Group bring over a sound from "down-under" that is needed in music today.

The overall modern rock sound contains little highlights here and there that makes this album a pleasure for the listener. The piano intro of "Babies In Your Arms" flows wonderfully into Toby Martin's vocals. The horns give a song a fuller sound. The band's song-writing really stands out in the songs "Dying At Your Own Party" and "What Is A Life?". Youth Group rocks on "One For Another" and "Two Sides" bringing the guitar and drums to the spotlight. The song" In My Dreams" has all the elements of a pop hit, great sound, great lyrics and a great chorus. The song "Friedrichstrasse" shows off the band's gentle side before the band picks up the tempo again. The band's pop instincts come through on the songs "A Sign" and "All This Shall Pass". The album closes with the moody "Good Time" that refers to the band's last five years on the road and recording.

The band is currently on a break from recording and touring, but plan to reconvene in 2011 with a new album and tour. Please visit the band's website ( for news and information. Youth Group's albums are available on itunes and on

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