Friday, June 19, 2009

Concert Review: New Kids On The Block Electrify Mohegan Sun

After proving to the world with last year’s reunion tour that the New Kids On The Block were back, this tour proved that they are here to stay. This is the group’s third appearance in Connecticut in less than a year, but the first of their 2009 "Full Service" world tour.

Fans rose to their feet as a montage of old photos played on a large background screen. Each member of New Kids On The Block was introduced, jumping off the screen onto the stage. Opening with a couple of songs from their latest album "The Block", the boys danced their way into the hearts of their fans. But, it was the older hits that raised the volume of the screams. Songs like "My Favorite Girl" and "You Got It (The Right Stuff)" had the guys covering the stage with their dance moves.

The ballads "Didn’t I (Blow You Mind)", "Valentine Girl" and "Please Don’t Go Girl" only paused the intensity temporarily. Fan favorite "Dirty Dancing" would electrify the audience once again. NKOTB’s Donnie Wahlberg took the center stage on a number of occasions to talk with the crowd as the guys continued with "No More Games".

"If You Go Away" slowed the pace again only for a moment before they appeared on a second stage located at the rear of the arena. The whole audience danced along as the boys performed their hit song "Single". Donnie began the rotation of solo performances with the 1989 song "Cover Girl". Next, Jordan Knight took the stage to perform the song "Give It To You" from his solo album. He would be joined onstage by the opening act the JabbaWockeez. Finally, it was Joey’s turn. He began with a solo performance of "Popcicle", a song from the group’s debut album. But it was his new song "5 Brothers & A Million Sisters" and his skills on the piano, that caught everyone’s attention.

The entire group returned to get the audience singing to the chorus of "Tonight" as they banded together for photo opportunities. The bass groove of "Click, Click, Click" pounded through the arena as their chorography had them dancing as a unit. As a "thank you" to their long-time fans, a performance of "I’ll Be Loving You Forever" hit the hearts of every single one. The concert turned into a party-like atmosphere as confetti and beach balls showered the crowd at the climax of "One Song".

It would be the combination of their two #1 songs that raised the insanity to another level. "Step By Step" showcased the band’s well-known dance moves, but it was the arm swaying of "Hangin’ Tough" that had the audience moving as one. Dressed in Red Sox jerseys, the group bowed to the almost deafening sounds of screams and applause knowing they pulled off another enjoyable performance.

The JabbaWockeez opened with a short twenty minute set of freestyle dancing. The kabuki/mime style dance troupe featured a remix of "old school" hip-hop songs mixed with new dance favorites. Jesse McCartney followed with his brand of teen/pop R&B. He performed a handful of songs including his first single "Beautiful Soul" and his newest song "Body Language".

Upcoming shows at the Mohegan Sun Arena will feature hip-hop superstar Jay-Z and singing sensation Beyonce. Visit for tickets and information.

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Sandy said...

Great to see you had positive comments to make about the show. It was truly amazing and the guys certainly know how to entertain a crowd!