Wednesday, June 24, 2009

CD Review: The Dear Hunter's Act III Is Full Of Life

Three years ago, Casey Crescenzo and his band The Dear Hunter presented the first act in their music trilogy. This June, they released the third act, "Act III: Life And Death". This disc is one of the most versatile albums to be released in 2009. With concept albums not achieving much praise in the past, this album proves that it can be done.

After the harmonizing interlude of "Writing On A Wall" the album kicks in to high gear with "In Cauda Venenum". The big sound coming from the band switches from punk to an amazing ballad imagery, while lead singer Casey Crescenzo's vocals border on a scream from time to time. The lyrics of this album read almost like a diary of the main character's events. The harmonies and vocals give so many layers to the songs "What It Means To Be Alone" and "The Poison Woman". "The Tank" sounds like a lost out-take from Pink Floyd's The Wall. The song "The Thief" is a swirling soundscape of sounds that just engulfs the listener. "Mustard Gas" is an all out rock assault, reminiscent of Queen's "A Night At the Opera". The gentleness of strings on "Saved" plays perfectly with Cresenzo's vocal delivery. "This Beautiful Life" keeps the listener guessing before the steady beat of "Go Get Your Gun". The songs "Son" and "Father" play right into one another as if to be one complete piece of music. The finale of "Life And Death" closes the album with a amazing delivery of music and vocals.

The Dear Hunter leads the listener on a journey that can be attributed to ones own life. Once you push play, there is no way to stop listening to this album in its entirety. The Dear Hunter are currently on tour with Menwithoutyou. They will be coming to the New England area in July. Visit the band's website ( and myspace page ( for tour dates, music samples and much more.


Alex said...

such a good album, whats your fave song?

JP's Music Blog said...

My favorite song on the album is "What It Means To Be Alone"