Monday, May 18, 2009

Re-mastered! Remixed! . . . Re-buy?

It seems that today's music industry has trouble finding that next multi-platinum selling album. Well, with many classic, multi-platinum selling albums celebrating anniversaries, music companies feel the need to re-release these albums. But, these are not just basic releases (for the most part), most of these albums are getting the re-mastered treatment with the latest technology so they sound better than they ever had before. Plus, some of these albums are being released with bonus tracks or even an entire extra disc of bonus songs. So, are they worth re-buying?

Well, let's look at a few examples. The Rolling Stones recently released re-mastered versions of their late '70s / early '80s albums. These releases include no extra music, but does advertise that they sound cleaner and crispier than previous releases. The Rolling Stones are releasing these re-masters on vinyl as well as CD. So, you have to ask yourself, if it is worth the upgrade.

Another example is with the Beastie Boys. Back in April, the Beasties re-mastered their 1989 masterpiece "Paul's Boutique" for its 20th Anniversary. No new music was included, which frustrated some fans, but they recreated the album's artwork with an "eco-friendly" package. So is it worth getting? But, the Beastie Boys didn't stop there. They also recently re-mastered their 1992 album "Check Your Head" and their 1994 album "Ill Communication". Also included with these original albums is a bonus disc of "B-sides", which makes this more appealing to the consumer. Does a second disc of music make it worth the upgrade?

In September, one of the biggest re-mastering projects with be released. The entire Beatles catalog is finally getting re-mastered on CD, but will fans go for it. Beatles' fans will definitely be buying these new re-mastered discs, but how about the casual music fan. It might take a little persuading and the right price, but this could be one of the biggest sellers of the year.

My question to you is, is it worth upgrading your music by re-buying music that you already own? A little extra incentive never hurt.

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