Monday, May 4, 2009

CD Review: Dark Room Notes Loves Dark Matter On Debut Album

Dark Room Notes is a new band that hails from Ireland. They found local success with their 2007 single "Love Like Nicotine" and have recently released their full-length debut album "We Love You Dark Matter".

The album relies heavily on keyboards and synthesizers with an occasional acoustic guitar creating room for itself in this soundscape. The band starts off strong with the modern rocker "Each and Every One of Us" followed by a rerecorded version of the 2007 single "Love Like Nicotine". The updated version of the song takes advantage of of the knowledge the group gained since it was first recored in 2007. Songs like "The Same City Awaits Me" and "Broken Nail" seem to revive the '80's alternative pop sound with its heavy synthesizers and dance style drumbeats. The album doesn't sway far from this formula. The album reaches its peak with a remake of the one band's earlier releases "Shake Shake My Ceiling" and the album's first single "Let's Light Fires".

The album is getting airplay at college radio stations throughout the country, including WSIN at Southern CT State University. Check out the band's website, for sound clips, album info and more.

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