Tuesday, May 12, 2009

CD Review: The Perms Keep It Up On New Release

Canadian alternative rock band, The Perms, are not new to the music scene, releasing their debut album in 1998, but they are back with their latest release, "Keeps You Up When You're Down". The Perms found success with their previous effort "Better Days" which charted well on campus radio and created a strong buzz in the music industry. Their new album takes that success a step further.

The band is very good at writing lyrics and music that stick in your head even after listening to the album. Songs like "Running Away" and "World To Me" are two prime examples with their repetitive chorus and uptempo sound. The album flows from some of their heavier sounds with songs like "Give Me All Your Lovin'" and "You Don't Know" to their more pop oriented songs " As You Were" and "The Mess". Jaime Carrasco's drums along with Chad Smith's guitar give the songs "Nightshift" and "Big Mistake" their energy. The songs "Who Are You Fooling" and "Things Left Unsaid" are only two examples of the great harmonizing between Chad and Shane Smith which gives these songs a fuller, more polished sound.

The Perms new album, as well as their past albums, is available from their web site, www.theperms.com. The Pearms also have a new video out for their song Running Away. On the band's website you'll also find song clips, videos, tour information and more.

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