Monday, January 12, 2009

CD Review: These Green Eyes Have A Relapse

These Green Eyes, Colin Cunningham (vocals), Greg Mauro (guitar), Jeff Krenn (guitar), Zach Braz (bass), Mark Brudrett (drums); are releasing their sophomore album "Relapse To Recovery" in early March. The album will be released on Blackledge Music and was produced by Brian McTernan (Senses Fail, The Bled, From Autumn to Ashes).

The opening verse of the lead-off song "At The End" is sung over a strumming acoustic guitar before the rest of the band kicks in full blast for the chorus. This style becomes the blueprint for the entire album. It is a high-energy rocker with great vocals, excellent harmonizing and some amazing instrumental work. Many of the songs on this album deal with very difficult topics. Relationships between friends and loved ones plays into almost every song. The difficulty of being a true and honest friend like in the song "Drunk Driver". The highlighted tracks are "Blood Sweat and Beers", which is as close as the band gets to a ballad. It deals with the loss of a loved one. The chord changes within the song is what gives the song it's power. Another standout track is is album's first single, "Paramedic". It's catchy guitar riff and chorus repeats in your head after listening to the song. "Sucker Punch (Won't Get Away With It)" is a fight song of survival. A video for the song is on the band's Myspace page and on fuse TV.

From start to finish, "Relapse To Recovery" is a great sophomoric release. The band stays true to form by sticking to their roots and not giving in to the mainstream of alternative music. Be on the lookout for These Green Eyes to be on tour in 2009. Go to for more information.

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