Monday, January 19, 2009

CD Review: Prog-Rock Supergroup, UKZ, Debuts With A "One City World Tour"

This "Virtual Virtuoso" supergroup, know as UKZ, is the brainchild of keyboard/violin legend Eddie Jobson (U.K., Roxy Music, Frank Zappa, Jethro Tull). He returned from a 27-year retirement to bring together this group of musicians from all over the world to perform his "One City World Tour". Also to create an amazing EP entitled "Radiation". While the EP is only 21 minutes long, it gives the listener a chance to experience what this supergroup could accomplish.

The musicians that make up UKZ are all accomplished musicians that are some of the best performers know world-wide. Lead singer, Aaron Lippert, formally of Expanding Man, is a New York native who now resides in Belgium. Guitarist, Trey Gunn, formally of King Crimson fame, is a Texas native who now lives in Seattle. Guitarist Alex Machacek is an Austrian Award-winning guitar prodigy and composer. Drummer Marco Minnemann, who is a drumming phenomenon, is from Germany. Along with Eddie Jobson, this 5-piece band has enough experience to make an instant impact on the music world.

The UKZ "One City World Tour" will take place this Saturday, January 24 at Town Hall in New York City. It will feature this supergroup performing the band's original compositions as well as songs from each individual's own catalog of hits. The show will use the latest technology to overload the senses of sight and sound. Eddie Jobson built a custom keyboard rig specifically for this show. It is a show not to be missed. Tickets for this show can be purchased at For more information, visit

Their 4 song EP will be released March 24 via Ryko Distribution. The title-song of the EP, "Radiation" has a very modern rock feel to it.  Its Nine Inch Nails type drum beats and distorted vocals makes this the hardest rockin' song on this release. At almost eight minutes long, this song, as well as the entire EP, relies heavily on the instrumentation which this supergroup has no trouble controlling. The tempo and chord changes are handled masterfully. "Houston" is the ballad of the album with its flowing keyboards and acoustic guitars. The song is a nice break before the instrumental onslaught of "Tu-95". This seven-plus minute instrumental shows the strength of each individual performing. The EP ends with an acoustic song called "Legend". Hopefully this EP is only a taste of what is to come from this supergroup of musicians.

Check out the band's video which is being featured on You Tube for their song "Radiation". For up to date information, please visit the band's website at

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