Monday, November 3, 2008

CD Review: Damage Gives Us The Truth

Damage, from Orange County, CA, have released their sophomore album, "Truth And Consequence". Their music is modern rock sound with very powerful, mature lyrics. Their songs have the grunginess of Stone Temple Pilots and the complexity of Led Zeppelin along with a style all their own.

"Truth And Consequence" features songs like "God", "Forgive Me" and "Every Single Day" that show off the full force of the band's music with searing guitars and pounding beats. Spencer Wright's bass and GW Pope's drumming give the songs their stability before Tony Buschauer's guitar solos take the songs over. The keyboards featured in "You Seeing Me" and "No-One" help these songs stand out, but take away from the heaviness of the overall sound of the album. Lead singer Michael Neufeld shows his passion for this album's messages in the songs "My Point Of View" and "The Other Side". The backing vocals of Eric Shawn Hawkins help fleshout the chorus as in the song "Don't Wait On Me". But the real gem of the album is the acoustic "Raise The Dead", which shows off the wonderful harmonizing of the group as well as the song's powerful lyrics.

As winners of the 2006 "Best Hard Rock Group" for the Southern California Music Awards, Damage's live shows are not ones to miss. They are currently performing in the Southern California area. Their new album is available on their website

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