Thursday, November 6, 2008

CD Review: The People's Party Become One

The People's Party debut album, "We Am One", offers the listener a variety of musical stylings in one album. Their music is dubbed by the band as "hippie-hop". A cross between jamband music and rap with a funky vibe. It works great on most of the songs, but some songs seem to get lost in the mix.

The opening song, "Sunrise" and "We Am One" have a Dave Matthews Band vibe to them because of the way the lyrics sound with song's complex rhythm. The song "Art of War" has an angry political message that is displayed by the hard funk/r&b/hip-hop song style. "My Friend" also has that same funk/R&B/hip-hop sound in the song. The songs "Chloe" and "Black Widow" seem like the right musical path for the band to travel down. These songs have a funk/jamming feel to them. The horns and the beat give these songs either the ability to dance to them or to just sit back, listen and enjoy. "Seventeen" and "Now" are a couple of songs where the band can pull-off a 20 minute jam when played live. "Divinity" has a nice groove to it. The vocal stylings of Curtis James and Maesyn work so well together. They band also plays some Dixieland Jazz as shown in the song "If. You. See. Kay.". The album ends with the mellow "Fade Away", which hands the spotlight over to the musicians.

With an album like this, full of a variety of musical styles, it's hard to pinpoint or even describe the band's signature sound. This could either help or hurt the band. It puts a lot of pressure on making the lyrics work with the music. On The People's Party album "We Am One", the bands shows their full range and musical capabilities. For more information on The People's Party debut album please visit

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