Friday, November 14, 2008

CD Review: Arden Kaywin's Elephant Sized 2nd Album

Arden Kaywin first came onto the music scene with her critically acclaimed debut album "Quarter Life Crisis". In 2006, she was nominated for Pop Song of the Year for the Independent Music Awards. Her music has been featured in numerous shows on MTV, NBC, ABC and the WB Network. Her latest release entitled "The Elephant In The Room" has her crossing musical boundaries with a Top 40 style to the songs.

The album starts off wonderfully with the song "Let It Go". The first thing the listener will notice is how beautiful her voice sounds in this Norah Jones' type composition. The albums picks up quickly with "Lights Out". The song carries a dance beat which gets highlighted by an acoustic guitar provided by album producer ZIV. Her singing really stands out and shines on the tracks, "The Last Time" and "So Beautiful", in which she lets her voice soar over the music. She plays into the "pop" music spotlight with the songs "Butterflies 2.0", with its unforgettable chorus, "Galileo", with its playful lyrics and the rockin' "Boys & Girls". Arden Kaywin's singing on "Grand Soiree" gives a jazzy, "scat" style to the lyrics. She takes "control" of the "girl power" song, "Girl In A Man's World" in which she displays some her most passionate singing. "Sleepwalking" is a nice song, but feels more like a "filler" track than a "stand-out" performance. The gentleness of the title track "The Elephant In The Room" is the real gem on this album with its Tori Amos song style. The closing track is the most lively song on the album. "The Way I Am" tells her audience that this who she is and she isn't changing for anybody.

"The Elephant In The Room" was released on October 21st and is available in stores and online at itunes and She was currently featured in October issue of Seventeen magazine and has a live show scheduled for December 18th at the Hotel Café in Los Angeles, CA. For more information on Arden Kaywin, please visit her website at

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